35 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1834
17 served in the Civil War

Class of 1834 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

Julius W. Adams Colonel Did not graduate; resigned 1862. His son, Julius Adams, Jr. is Class of 1861 (June)
Robert T.P. Allen 5 Colonel
Joseph L. Coburn 25 Captain, USA
James Cooper 17 Lt. Colonel
Cary H. Fry 20 Major USA
Charles A. Fuller 10 Colonel
Goode Bryan 25 Brigadier General
William Scott Ketchum 32 Brigadier General USV
John F. Lee 9 Captain USA
Morris S. Miller 14 Major USA
Thomas Morris 4 Brigadier General* *rank in Indiana militia
Alexander Montgomery 36 Lt. Colonel USA
Gabriel René Paul 18 Brigadier General USV
Curran Pope 11 Colonel USV Mortally wounded, Perrysville, Ky., Oct. 1862
Seneca G. Simmons 22 Colonel USV Killed, Gaines’ Mill, June 1862
Richard H. Smith 30 Major USA
William T. Stockton 8 Lt. Colonel

Julius W. Adams was in the class of 1834 but resigned in 1832 to work as an engineer. He would become colonel of the 67th New York and was wounded at Fair Oaks. His son Julius, Jr. was in the West Point class of 1861.

Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

Philip N. Barbour 28 Captain Killed at Monterey, Mexico, Sep. 1846
Thomas O. Barnwell 23 Resigned 1837
Forbes Britton 33 Resigned 1850, died Feb. 1861
Charles B. Chalmers 12 Dropped 1838
James Duncan 6 Colonel Died on duty, Mobile, Al., 1849
George P. Field 19 Captain Killed Monterey, Mexico, Sep. 1846
William G. Freeman 15 Resigned 1856
John Graham 34 Resigned 1838, died 1841
Arnold Harris 29 Resigned 1837
John E. Henderson 13 Second Lieutenant Died on duty, Washington, 1836
Epaphras Kirby 7 Resigned 1837, died 1839
Harrison Loughborough 3 Second Lieutenant Died on duty, Shelby Cty., Ky., 1836
Henry McKavett 24 Second Lieutenant Killed at Monterey, Mexico, Sep. 1846
Wiliam H. Price 35 Rsigned 1836
James G. Rees 27 Resigned 1837, died 1856
Eustace Robinson 31 Resigned 1835, died 1859
John Sanders 2 Captain Died on duty Ft. Delaware, Del., 1858
William (Fraser) Smith 1 Captain Died on duty at Key West, Fla., 1856
Henry S. Turner 21 Resigned 1848, died 1881
Louis A.B. Walbach 16 Captain Died on duty, Baltimore, Md., 1853

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