49 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1836
16 served in the Civil War

Class of 1836 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

Robert Allen 33 Brigadier General USV
Joseph Reid Anderson 4 Brigadier General Owned Tredegar Iron Works
David P. De Witt 14 Colonel USV
James Lowry Donaldson 15 Colonel USV
Peter V. Hagner 25 Lt. Colonel USA
Danville Leadbetter 3 Brigadier General
Henry Hays Lockwood 22 Brigadier General USV
Montgomery Cunningham Meigs 5 Brigadier General USA
John Wolcott Phelps 24 Brigadier General
Thomas West Sherman 18 Brigadier General
Richard G. Stockton 44 Brigadier General* *rank in Missouri militia
George C. Thomas 35 Major General* *rank as commander of D.C. militia
Lloyd Tilghman 46 Brigadier General Killed at Champion Hill 1863
Christopher Q. Tompkins 27 Colonel* *rank in Virginia militia
Daniel Phineas Woodbury 6 Brigadier General USV Died of Yellow Fever 8/15/64 at Key West
Israel Carle Woodruff 30 Lt. Colonel USA Engineers

Cadets who did not participate in the Civil War

Augustus P. Allen 9 First Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Jesup, La., 1841
William B. Arvin 31 Resigned 1836, died 1863
Robert F. Baker 39 Cashiered for drunkeness 1844, died 1845
Samuel J. Bransford 8 First Lieutenant Killed in riding accident, West Point, 1840
Martin J. Burke 28 Captain Killed at Churubusco, Meico, 1847
Thomas P. Chifelle 45 Resigned 1836
Barnabas Conkling 11 First Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Niagra, 1839
Alexander P. Crittenden 21 Resigned 1836
Charles B. Daniels 37 Captain Mortally wounded Churubusco, 1847
William Frazer 34 First Lieutenant Died on duty Lancaster, Pa., 1844
Collinson Reed Gates 42 Captain Died on duty at Fredericksburg, Texas 1849
Christoper A. Greene 23 Resigned 1837, died 1853
Marcus C.M. Hammond 43 Resigned 1847
John S. Hatheway 32 Captain Died on duty New York City, 1853
Charles Hoskins 40 First Lieutenant Killed Battle of Monterey, Mexico, 1846
John W. Judson 29 Declined appointment in army on graduation
Arthur B. Lansing 36 Resigned 1851
Fisher A. Lewis 7 Resigned 1838
Roland A. Luther 17 Captain Died on duty New Holland, Pa., 1853
Marlborough Churchill 13 Resigned 1836
James L. Mason 2 Captain Died on duty San Francisco, Ca. 1853
Thomas McCrate 47 First Lieutenant Died on sick leave 1845
William Hoover Mock 38 Resigned 1841
Henry C. Moorhead Resigned 1836, died Apr. 1861
John P.J. O’Brien 16 Captain Died on duty Indianola, Texas 1850
John F. Roland 19 Captain Died on duty Castle Pinckney, S.C. 1852
Muscoe L. Shackleford 26 First Lieutenant Mortally wounded, Molino del Rey, Mexico, 1847
Charles B. Sing 20 Resigned 1837
Charles H.E. Spoor 49 Second Lieutenant Died on duty at Lockport, N.Y. 1838
William Bradford Wallace 12 Resigned 1836, died 1841
William H. Warner 10 First Lieutenant Killed by indians on duty in Sierra Nevadas 1849
George L. Welcker 1 Captain Died on duty Savannah, Ga., 1848
Samuel Whitehorn 41 First Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Winnebago, Wis. 1840

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