50 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1837
21 served in the Civil War

Class of 1837 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

Lewis Golding Arnold 10 Brigadier General USV
Joshua Bates 25 Brigadier General* *rank in Ohio militia
Henry Washington Benham 1 Brigadier General USV
Edmund Bradford 19 Major
Braxton Bragg 5 General
Robert Hall Chilton 48 Brigadier General
Alexander Brydie Dyer 6 Brigadier General
Jubal Anderson Early 18 Lieutenant General
Arnold Elzey (Jones) 33 Major General
William Henry French 22 Major General USV
William G. Grandin 44 Captain USA Revoked by President Feb. 1863, died Aug. 1863
Bennett H. Hill 21 Lt. Colonel USA
Joseph Hooker 29 Major General USV
Robert Tignall Jones 13 Colonel Killed at Fair Oaks, Va., May 1862
William Whann Mackall 8 Major General
John Clifford Pemberton 27 Lieutenant General
Henry C. Pratt 20 Major USA
Arthur Middleton Rutledge 32 Major
Eliakim Parker Scammon 9 Major General USV
John Sedgwick (bio) 24 Major General USV Killed at Spotsylvania 1864. Monuments at Gettysburg and Spotsylvania
John Blair Smith Todd 39 Brigadier General USV
Edward D. Townsend 16 Brigadier General USA
Israel Vogdes 11 Brigadier General USV
William Henry Talbot Walker 46 Major General
Thomas Williams 12 Brigadier General USV Killed at Baton Rouge, August 1862
Samuel Woods 36 Major USA Paymaster staff
Francis O. Wyse 43 Lt. Colonel USA

Cadets who did not participate in the Civil War

William Armstrong 28 Captain Killed at Molino del Rey, Mexico 1847
John Bratt 4 Resigned 1837
William W. Chapman 7 Captain Died on duty, Ft. Monroe, Va., 1859
Levi P. Davidson 47 First Lieutenant Died on sick leave 1842
William H. Fowler 35 Captain Died on duty, Ft. Myers, Fla., 1851
A. Park Gregory 15 Resigned 1838, died 1840
John W. Gunnison 2 Captain Survey party massacred near Sevier Lake Ut. 1853
William Hardia 49 Dismissed for habitual drunkeness 1840, died 1842
John M. Harvie 30 First Lieutenant Died on duty, Cedar Keys, Fla., 1841
Nevil Hopson 45 Dismissed for drunkeness 1846, died 1847
William T. Martin 17 Resigned 1838
Robert M. McLane 37 Resigned 1843
Samuel D.J. Moore 41 Declined appointment in army on graduation
Edwin W. Morgan 3 Resigned 1839
Randolph Ridgely 42 First Lieutenant Killed in riding accident, Monterey, Mexico 1846
George C. Rodney 26 First Lieutenant Died on duty St. Augustine, Fla., 1839
Franklin Saunders 50 Resigned 1838, died 1856
Walter Sherwood 38 Second Lieutenant Killed near Ft. Micanopy, Fla., 1840
Edward J. Steptoe 34 Resigned Nov. 1861
James R. Soley 40 First Lieutenant Died on duty Troy, N.Y., 1845
George Taylor 23 Captain Drowned in wreck of S.S. San Francisco 1853
Francis Woodbridge 14 Captain Died on duty Barrancas Barracks, Fla., 1855
Charles F. Wooster 31 Captain Died on duty Ft. Brown, Texas, 1856

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