44 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1856
37 served in the Civil War

Class of 1850 members who served in the Civil War

John W. Alley 32 Captain USA Dismissed October 1863
Charles D. Anderson Colonel Did not graduate
Richard Arnold 13 Brigadier General  
Henry C. Bankhead 35 Captain USA  
Francis S. Bates 23 Captain USA Retired from active service on disability 1863
Amos Beckwith 21 Colonel  
Thomas Bingham 29 unknown Resigned 1854
Achilles Bowen 10 Staff officer  
William Lewis Cabell 33 Brigadier General  
William Passmore Carlin 20 Brigadier General  
Eugene Asa Carr 19 Brigadier General  
William R. Calhoun 27 Lieutenant Colonel Killed in a duel Sept. 1862
Robert G. Cole 37 Lieutenant Colonel Commissary Staff
James R. Corley 40 Lieutenant Colonel Commissary Staff
Silas Crispin 3 Captain USA Ordnance Staff
Jacob Culbertson 7 Captain  
Frederick M. Follett 43 Captain  
Cuvier Grover 4 Brigadier General  
Jonas P. Holliday 24 Colonel Died on duty near Strasburg, Va. Feb. 1862
Robert Johnston 28 Colonel  
Armistead Lindsay Long 17 Colonel  
Robert MacFeely 31 Major Commissary Staff
Oscar A. Mack 8 Major USA  
William T. Magruder 11 Captain Died July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg
Elisha Marshall 25 Colonel  
Jean Jaques Alfred Alex. Mouton 38 Brigadier General  
N. Partlett Pearce 26 Brigadier General* In Arkansas State Forces
Frederick E. Prime 1 Major USA Engineers
Robert Ransom Jr. 18 Major General  
Adam Jacoby Slemmer 12 Brigadier General  
Donald C. Stith 44 Colonel  
Lucius Marsh Walker 15 Brigadier General Mortally wounded in a duel Sept. 1863
Gouverneur Kemble Warren 2 Major General Monument at Gettysburg.
Joseph H. Wheelock 6 Colonel Died of disease at Washington, April 1862
James H. Wilson 34 Lieutenant Colonel  
Charles Sidney Winder 22 Brigadier General Mortally wounded at Cedar Mountain August 1862
Powell T. Wyman 5 Colonel Killed Battle of Glendale 1862

Cadets who did not participate in the Civil War

Austin N. Colcord 30   Resigned 1855
Hugh Duncan 9 Second Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Broan, Texas 1853
Joseph Edward Maxwell 42 Second Lieutenant Killed in skirmish with Apache in New Mexico, 1854
John A. Mebane 16 First Lieutenant Died on duty Baton Rouge, La., 1854
Zeitus Searle 41   Resigned 1850

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