42 officers graduated in the West Point Class of 1851
38 served in the Civil War

Class of 1851 members who served in the Civil War

For Federal officers indicated rank is as U.S. Volunteers unless shown as “USA,” which indicates rank in the Regular U.S. Army.

Thomas J. C. Amory 30 Brigadier General Died of yellow fever at New Berne N.C. 1864
George Leonard Andrews 1 Brigadier General
Laurence Simmons Baker 42 Brigadier General
George Thatcher Balch 3 Captain USA Ordnance staff
Adolphus F. Bond 35 Captain USA
Gurden Chapin 25 Major USA
James Curtiss 26 Captain USA
Junius Daniel 33 Brigadier General Mortally wounded Spotsylvania, May 1864
John Edwards 15 Captain
Kenner Garrard 8 Brigadier General
Alvan Cullem Gillem 11 Brigadier General
James B. Greene 41 First Lieutenant Died Ft. Hamilton N.Y., June 1861
Benjamin Hardin Helm 9 Brigadier General Mortally wounded Chickamauga 1863;
Lincoln’s brother in law
Henry C. Hodges 32 Captain USA Quartermaster staff
Caleb Huse 7 Major
Roger Jones 34 Lieutenant Colonel
John C. Kelton 26 Colonel
Henry E. Maynadier 17 Colonel
Alexander McRae 23 Captain Killed Valverde, N.M. Fen. 1862
John Mendenhall 20 Major
Albert J.S. Molinard 16 Captain USA
Isaiah N. Moore 14 Captain USA Died of diesease, Ft. Craig, N.M. Jan. 1862
William H. Morris 27 Brigadier General
James St. Clair Morton 2 Brigadier General
Charles E. Norris 24 Captain USA
Robert E. Patterson 29 Colonel
Edward A. Palfrey 37 Lieutenant Colonel
Alexander J. Perry 13 Colonel
Alexander Piper 5 Colonel
Hyatt C. Ransom 22 Lieutenant Colonel
John T. Shaaf 38 Captain
Melancthon Smith 36 Colonel
James Thompson 6 Captain USA
Joseph G. Tilford 40 Captain USA
Charles Henry Tompkins Colonel Resigned 1849 and did not graduate
William T. Welcker 4 Major
William Denison Whipple 31 Brigadier General Killed at Petersburg, June 1864
Robert Williams 19 Colonel

Cadets who did not participate in the Civil War

David Bell 18 First Lieutenant Died on duty Ft. Monroe, Va., Dec. 1860
Edward H. Day 10 First Lieutenant Died on sick leave 1860
Martin P. Parks, Jr. 21 Second Lieutenant Died on duty near Ft. Atkinson, Kan., 1852
De Witt N. Root 11 Bvt. 2nd Lieutenant Died after graduation 1851
Henry F. Whittier 39 Resigned 1855, died Nicaraugua 1856.

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