38 cadets graduated

Cadets who served in the Civil War

Edward Porter Alexander 3 Brigadier General
Robert Huston Anderson 35 Brigadier General
Thomas Baylor 7 Captain USA Ordnance Staff
Francis Beach 16 Colonel
Thomas J. Berry 11 Lieutenant Colonel
Ira W. Claflin 27 Captain USA
Aurelius F. Cone 28 Lieutenant Colonel Quartermaster Staff
Edward J. Conner 33 Captain USA
Joseph S. Conrad 32 Lieutenant Colonel
George A. Cunningham 25 Colonel
Charles E. Farrand 36 Captain USA
Samuel Wragg Ferguson 19 Brigadier General
Oliver H. Fish 13 unknown
George W. Holt 31 Lieutenant Colonel
George A. Kensel 10 Lieutenant Colonel
Manning M. Kimmel 22 Major Fought with U.S. at Bull Run then joined Confederacy
Thomas J. Lee 37 First Lieutenant Served as Private for 2 years in Indiana Volunteers
John Sappington Marmaduke 30 Major General
Henry C. McNeill 26 Colonel
Richard Kidder Meade, Jr. 2 Major Fought as U.S. at Fort Sumter. Resigned to join the C.S.
Died of disease July 1862 in Petersburg.
Charles Hale Morgan 12 Lieutenant Colonel
John C. Palfrey 1 Lieutenant Colonel Corps of Engineers
Paul J. Quattlebaum 29 Major
Lafayette Peck 38 Lieutenant Died of disease in Alabama March 1864
Haldiman S. Putnam 8 Colonel Killed at Fort Wagner, July 1863
George Ryan 34 Colonel Killed at Spottsylvania, May 1864
Marcus Reno 20 Colonel Custer’s second in command at Little Big Horn
Henry M. Robert 4 Captain USA Corps of Engineers. Created “Robert’s Rules of Order”
Augustus G. Robinson 18 Captain USA Quartermaster staff
William Sinclair 17 Colonel
J.L. Kirby Smith 6 Colonel Mortally wounded at Corinth, Miss. October 1862
William P. Smith 9 Lieutenant Colonel
George Crockett Strong 5 Major General Mortally wounded at Fort Wagner, July 1863
Charles J. Walker 15 Colonel
Edward R. Warner 21 Lieutenant Colonel
George H. Weeks 23 Captain USA
Abram Wildrick 14 Colonel


Cadet who did not serve in the Civil War

John T. Magruder 24 Second Lieutenant Died on duty at Maryville, Neb. 1858

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