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Spring Organized in the Shenandoah Valley under Colonel Angus W. Macdonald
July 21 The regiment successfully screened Johnston’s army as it slis away from Patterson to join Confederate forces at Manassas.
July 23 Turner Ashby was appointed lieutenant colonel
Colonel William E. Jones of the 1st Virginia Cavalry failed election and was appointed colonel of the 7th Virginia Cavalry.
February Colonel Macdonald retured, leaving Ashby in command.
March Chew’s Horse Artillery Battery organized as part of the regiment under the command of Captain R. Preston Chew.
Spring The regiment mustered 27 infantry and cavalry companies.
June 6 Battle of Harrisonburg (or Good’s Farm)

Colonel Ashby was killed leading a charge against the 13th Pennsylvania Reserves. Colonel Richard H. Dulany took command of the regiment

The regiment was reorganized, with the original 10 companies remaining and the other companies becoming the 12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment and the 17th Virginia Cavalry Battalion. These continued to be brigaded with the 7th Virginia in the Laurel brigade.
Fall Major Thomas J. Berry of the 60th Georgia was Acting Colonel of the regiment.