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Commanded by Major General Oliver O. Howard

First Division Brigadier General Francis Barlow
1st Brigade Colonel Gotthilf Bourry (to 6/5)
Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Adelbert Ames
Second Division Brigadier General Adolph Von Steinwehr 
1st Brigade Colonel Adolph Bushbeck (to 6/10)
Colonel C. R. Coster
2nd Brigade Colonel Orland Smith 
Third Division Brigadier General Carl Schurz
1st Brigade Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfenning 
2nd Brigade Colonel Wladimir Krzyanowski
Artillery Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Louis Schirmer
1st New York Artilley, Battery I Captain Michael Wiedrich
2nd New York Independent Battery Captain Hermann Jahn mustered out
13th New York Independent Battery Captain Julius Dieckmann
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery K Captain William L. Debeck
West Virginia Artillery, Battery C Captain Wallace Hill to 3 Vol Brig, Artillery Reserve