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Commanded by Major General John G. Parke

Provost Guard

79th New York Infantry Major Andrew D. Baird

First Division

Colonel N. B. McLaughlin (to 3/7)
Brevet Major General Orlando Wilcox 

First Brigade  Colonel S. Harriman
8th Michigan Infantry Regiment Major Richard N. Doyle
27th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles Waite
109th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Colwert K. Pier
51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel William J. Bolton
37th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John Green
38th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel James Bintliff
Second Brigade  Colonel B. M. Cutcheon (to 3/10)
Colonel Ralph Ely
1st Michigan Sharpshooters Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Asahel W. Nichols
2nd Michigan Infantry Regiment Captain John C. Boughton
20th Michigan Infantry Regiment Captain Albert A. Day
46th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Adolph Becker
60th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Martin P. Avery
50th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major Samuel K. Schwenk
Third Brigade  Brevet Colonel G. P. Robinson (to 3/25)
Colonel Napoleon B. McLaughlin
3rd Maryland infantry Battalion Captain Joseph P. Carter
29th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Captain John M. Deane
57th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Captain Albert W. Cook
59th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Major Ezra P. Gould
18th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles H. Bell from Clough’s Prov. Brig. Ferrero’s Div.
14th New York Heavy Artillery Major George M. Randall
100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major Norman J. Maxwell
17th Michigan Infantry Regiment

Second Division

Brigadier General R. B. Potter
First Brigade Colonel John I. Curtin
35th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Sumner Carruth
36th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus L. Barker
58th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John C. Whiton
39th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel Abram C. Wildrick
51st New York Infantry Regiment Captain Thomas B. Marsh
45th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Roland C. Cheesman
48th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel George W. Gowan
7th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Brevet Colonel Percy Daniels
Second Brigade Brigadier General Simon G. Griffin
31st Maine Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Edward Getchell
2nd Maryland Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin F. Taylor
56th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Major Zabdiel B. Adams
6th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Phin P. Bixby
9th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Captain Jon B. Cooper
11th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Walter Harriman
Captain Hollis O. Dudley
179th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William M. Gregg
186th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Bradley Winslow
17th Vermont Infantry Regiment Major Lyman E. Knapp

Third Division 

Brigadier General John Hartranft
First Brigade Lieutenant Colonel W. H. H. McCall
200th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major Jacob Rehrer
Lieutenant Colonel William H.H. McCall
208th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Mish T. Heintzelman
209th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George W. Frederick
Second Brigade  Colonel Joseph A. Matthews
205th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major B. Mortimer Morris
207th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert C. Cox
211th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel James H. Trimble (res. 3/18)
Lieutenant Colonel Levi A. Dodd

Corps Artillery

Brevet Brigadier General John C. Tidball
7th Maine Battery Captain Adelbert B. Twitchell
11th Massachusetts Battery Captain Edward B. Jones
19th New York Independent Battery Captain Edward W. Rogers
27th New York Independent Battery Captain John B. Eaton
34th New York Independent Battery Brevet Major Jacob Roemer
Pennsylvania Independent Battery D Captain Samuel H. Rhoads