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< to April • May 1865

Commanded by:
Major General Wesley Merritt (to 5/25)
Major General George Crook

The Cavalry Corps was broken up during May. Most units mustered out.

First Division Brigadier General Thomas C. Devin (to 5/28)
First Brigade Colonel Peter Stagg to Dept. Missouri
Second Brigade Colonel C. L. Fitzhugh (to 5/29)
Reserve Brigade Brigadier General Alfred Gibbs (to 5/25)
Second Division Major General George Crook dissolved 5/22
First Brigade Brigadier General Henry E. Davies (to 5/27)
Second Brigade Colonel Samuel B.M. Young (to 5/28)
Third Brigade Colonel Charles R. Smith (to 5/12)
Third Division Brigadier General George A. Custer (to 5/22)
Colonel William Wells
First Brigade Colonel A. C. M. Pennington (to 5/29)
Second Brigade Colonel William Wells (^ 5/22)
Third Brigade Colonel Henry Capehart (to 5/29)