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Commanded by:
Major General George Sykes (to 10/7)
Brigadier General Samuel W. Crawford (to 10/15)
Major General George Sykes

Provost Guard
12th New York Infantry, Cos. D&F Captain Henry W. Ryder
First Division Brigadier General Charles Griffin (to 10/24)
Colonel J. B. Sweitzer
First Brigade Lieuteant Colonel Thomas Sherwin (10/1)
Colonel J. Hays
Second Brigade Colonel Jacob B. Sweitzer (^ 10/24)
Colonel P. R. Guiney
Third Brigade Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain
Second Division Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres
First Brigade Colonel Sidney Burbank
Third Brigade Brigadier General Kenner Garrard
Third Division Colonel William McCandless
First Brigade Colonel William O. Talley
Second Brigade Colonel M. D. Hardin
Artillery Captain Augustus P. Martin
3rd Massachusetts Battery Lieutenant Aaron F. Walcott
5th Massachusetts Battery Captain Charles A Phillips
1st New York Artillery, Battery C Captain Almont Barnes
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery L Captain Frank C. Gibbs
5th United Artillery, Battery D