29 cadets graduated. There was no class ranking until 1818.

Cadets who served in the Civil War

Lewis Gustave De Russy Colonel Died at Grand Ecore, La. Dec. 1864
Charles Spencer Merchant Colonel Retired from active service Aug. 1863
James Wolfe Ripley Brigadier General
Charles Mynn Thruston Brigadier General


Cadets who did not serve in the Civil War

John S. Allanson Resigned 1820, died 1830
John Armstrong Resigned 1815, died 1852
Robert L. Armstrong First Lieutenant Died 1834 at Philadelpphia, Pa.
George Badollet Resigned 1818, died 1878
Thomas Baird Resigned 1828, died 1842
Stephen Birdsall Disbanded 1815, died 1858
William Booth Resigned 1822, died 1868
Edmund Brooke Resigned 1817, died 1855
Thomas R. Broom Disbanded 1821, died 1829
Hilary Brunot Disbanded 1821, died 1872
Thomas Childs Major Died 1853 at Ft. Brooke, Fl.
Isaac E. Craig First Lieutenant Died 1819 at Bay of St. Louis, La.
Nathaniel Dana Captain Died 1833 at Ft. McHenry, Md.
Jackman J. Davis First Lieutenant Died 1828 in St. Augustine, Fl.
Henry W. Fitzhugh Resigned 1836, died 1876
George W. Gardiner Captain Killed 1835, Dade’s Massacre, Fl.
George W. Gardner Resigned 1819
Evans Humphrey Disbanded 1821, died 1829
Bradley Lowe Resigned 1819, died 1857
John Munroe Lieutenant Colonel Died Apr. 1861 at New Brunswick, N.J.
Jabez Parkhurst First Lieutenant Died 1821 at Royalton, Vt.
Thomas Stephenson First Lieutenant Died 1819
Daniel Turner Declined commission 1815, died 1860
William Wells Resigned 1834, died 1851
Samuel W. Wetmore Resigned 1816, died 1818
John Wright Resigned 1818, died 1860

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