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Commanded by:
Major General John G. Parke (to 12/31)
Brigadier General Orlando B. Wilcox

Provost Guard  
79th New York Infantry Major Andrew D. Baird
First Division Brigadier General Orlando Wilcox (^ 12/31)
Colonel N. B. McLaughlin
First Brigade Colonel James Bintliff (to 12/17)
Colonel S. Harriman
Second Brigade Colonel B. M. Cutcheon
Third Brigade Colonel N. B. McLaughlin (^ 12/31)
Lieutenant Colonel G. P. Robinson
Second Division Brigadier General R. B. Potter (to 12/22)
Brigadier General S. G. Griffin
First Brigade Colonel J. I. Curtin
Second Brigade Colonel S. G. Griffin (^ 12/22)
Colonel H. B. Titus
Third Division (to 12/15)* Brigadier General Edward Ferrero  to 25th Corps 12/15
First Brigade Colonel J. A Matthews
Second Brigade Colonel H. G. Thomas
Third Division (after 12/15) Brigadier General John Hartranft re-created from Provisional Brig. (below)
First Brigade Colonel C. W. Diven
Second Brigade Colonel J. A Matthews
Provisional Brigade  Brigadier General John Hartranft to 3 Div. (above) 12/15
200th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles W. Diven to 3 Div. 1 Brig. (above)
205th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph A. Mathews to 3 Div. 2 Brig. (above)
207th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Robert C. Cox to 3 Div. 1 Brig. (above)
208th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Alfred B. McCalmont to 3 Div. 1 Brig. (above)
209th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Tobias B. Kauffman to 3 Div. 2 Brig. (above)
211th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel James H. Trimble to 3 Div. 2 Brig. (above)
Artillery Brevet Brigadier General John C. Tidball 
7th Maine Battery
11th Massachusetts Battery
19th New York Independent Battery
27th New York Independent Battery
34th New York Independent Battery
Pennsylvania Independent Battery D

Note: The Third Division was made up of United States Colored Troops. It was transferred to the 25th Corps on 12/15 to create an entire corps made up of United States Colored Troops. Hartranft’s Provisinoal Brigade, made up of six new full-strength Pennsylvania regiments, was split into two brigades and redesignated as the Third Division.