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Commanded by Major General John Dix

2nd Delaware Infantry Regiment Colonel W. Henry Wharton
2nd Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel John Sommer to Dept. North Carolina, 2 Div., 1 Brig.
3rd Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel John C. McConnell
Baltimore Maryland Light Guard
3rd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel M. Alford
4th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Alfred W. Taylor
11th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Richard Coulter to Mil. Dist. Washington
67th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John F. Staunton from Pennsylvania
87th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel George Hay
Battery A, Maryland Light Artillery to Dept. Shenandoan, Hatch’s Cavalry Bde.
Battery B, Maryland Light Artillery
Battery L, 1st New York Light Artillery
2nd United States Artillery, Battery I at Fort McHenry
1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment Colonel Andrew G. Miller to Dept. Shenandoah, Hatch’s Cavalry Brig.
Purnell Legion Cavalry (Maryland)
10th New York Cavalry Regiment Colonel John C. Lemmon to Mil. Dist. Washington
2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel James H. Childs from Pennsylvania; to Mil. Dist. Washington
13th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lt. Colonel James Galligher from Pennsylvania
District of the Eastern Shore
1st Maryland Eastern Shore Regiment Colonel David P. DeWitt
2nd Maryland Eastern Shore Regiment Colonel Edward Wilkins
Purnell Legion Infantry (Maryland) Colonel William J. Leonard (after 3/17)
Railroad Brigade Colonel Dixon S. Miles
1st Maryland Potomac Home Brig. Colonel William P. Maulsby
1st Maryland Potomac Home Brig. Cavalry Captain Henry A. Cole  from Dept. Shenandoan, Hatch’s Bde.
4th Maryland Potomac Home Bde. Colonel William J.L. Nicodemus
Patapsco Maryland Guard Colonel James W. McMillan
10th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel DeForest Othneil
1st New York Artillery, Battery K from Mil. Dist. Washington
60th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William B. Hayward
54th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Jacob M. Campbell