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Commanded by Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres

First Brigade Brevet Brigadier General Frederick Winthrop (k 4/1)
Colonel James Grindley (to 4/3)
Brigadier General Joseph Hayes
5th New York Veteran Infantry Captain Henry Schickhardt
Lieutenant Colonel William F. Drum
15th New York Heavy Artillery Lieutenant Colonel Michael Weidrich (w 4/1)
Major Louis Eiche
140th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel William Grantsyne
146th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel James Grindlay (^ 4/1)
Lieutenant Colonel Henry Loomis (to 4/3)
Colonel James Grindlay
Second Brigade Colonel R. N. Bowerman (w 4/1)
Colonel David L. Stanton
1st Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel David L. Stanton (^ 4/1)
Major Robert Neely
4th Maryland Infantry Regiment Major Harrison Aderon
7th Maryland Infantry Regiment Major Edward M. Mobley
8th Maryland Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Ernest F.M. Fachtz
Third Brigade  Brevet Brigadier General James Gwyn
3rd Delaware Infantry Captain John H. Cade
4th Delaware Infantry Captain William H. Maclary (k 4/1)
Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Edward L. Witman
8th Delaware Infantry Captain John N. Richards
95th New York Infantry Regiment Major Edward Pye
147th New York Infantry Regiment Major George Harney
56th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain John N. Richards
190th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Brevet Colonel Joseph B. Pattee
191st Pensylvania Infantry Regiment
210th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel William Sergeant (mw 3/31)
Lieutenant Colonel Edward L. Whitman