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Commanded by Major General Andrew A. Humphreys

First Division

Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles
First Brigade Brevet Brigadier General G. N. Macy
5th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
26th Michigan Infantry Regiment
2nd New York Heavy Artillery
61st New York Infantry Regiment
81st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
140th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
183rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
Second Brigade Colonel Robert Nugent
28th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
7th New York Heavy Artillery
63rd New York Infantry Regiment
69th New York Infantry Regiment
88th New York Infantry Regiment
Third Brigade Colonel C. D. McDougall
7th New York Veteran Infantry Regiment Colonel George Von Schack
39th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Augustus Funk
52nd New York Infantry Regiment Captain William Scherrer
111th New York Infantry Regiment
125th New York Infantry Regiment
126th New York Infantry Regiment
Fourth Brigade Lieutenant Colonel St. Clair Mulholland (to 12/30)
Colonel William Glenny
4th New York Heavy Artillery
64th New York Infantry Regiment Major Leman W. Bradley
66th New York Infantry Regiment Major Peter A. Nelson
53rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Henry S. Dimm
116th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Seneca G. Willauer
145th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Hiram L. Brown
148th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment

Second Division

Major General John Gibbon (to 12/23)
Brigadier General Thomas Smythe
First Brigade Colonel J. M. Willetts
19th Maine Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Henry W. Cunningham
19th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Ansel D. Wass
20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Captain Henry L. Abbott
7th Michigan Infantry Regiment Major Sylvanua W. Curtis
1st Minnesota Infantry Battalion Major Mark W. Downie
59th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Horace P. Rugg
152nd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Alonzo Ferguson
184th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
36th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
Second Brigade Colonel Michael Murphy
155th New York Infantry Regiment
164th New York Infantry Regiment
170th New York Infantry Regiment
182nd New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel  John Coonan
8th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment Colonel Peter Porter
Third Brigade Brigadier General Thomas A. Smythe (to 12/22)
Lieutenant Colonel F. E. Pierce
14th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel Theodore G. Ellis
1st Delaware Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Edward P. Harris
12th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel J. Howard Willets
10th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George F Hopper
108th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles J. Powers
4th Ohio Infantry Battalion Major Gordon A. Stewart
69th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major James Duffie
106th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William L. Curry
7th West Virginia Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan H. Lockwood

Third Division

Brigadier General Gershom Mott 
First Brigade  Brigadier General Regis DeTrobriand
20th Indiana Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel C. L. Taylor
1st Maine Heavy Artillery Colonel Russel B. Shepherd
17th Maine Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles B. Merrill
40th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenan Colonel Madison M. Cannon
73rd New York Infantry Regiment
86th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Jacob H. Lansing
124th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Francis M. Cummings
99th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Asher S. Leidy
110th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major Isaac Rogers
2nd United States Sharpshooters Major Homer R. Stoughton
Second Brigade Brigadier General Byron R. Pierce
1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Colonel Thomas R. Tannatt
5th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel John Pulford
93rd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel John S. Crocker
57th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter Sides
84th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
105th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Calvin A. Craig
141st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
1st United States Sharpshooters Colonel Hiram Berdan consolidated with 2nd Sharpshooters (above)
Third Brigade Brevet Brigadier General R. McAllister (to 12/12)
Brevet Brigadier General James Ramsey
11th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
7th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
8th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
11th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
120th New York Infantry Regiment

Corps Artillery Brigade

Colonel John C. Tidball 
6th Maine Independent Battery Captain Edwin B. Dow
10th Massachusetts Battery Captain J. Henry Sleeper
1st New Hampshire Battery Captain Frederick M. Edgell
1st New Jersey Artillery, Battery B
1st New York Artillery, Battery G Captain Nelson Ames
4th New York Heavy Artillery, Co. C
4th New York Heavy Artillery, Co. I
11th New York Independent Battery
12th New York Independent Battery
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery B Lieutenant Fred T. Brown
4th United States Artillery, Battery K Lieutenant John W. Roder
5th United States Artillery, Batteries C&K Lieutenant James Gilliss