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Commanded by
Brigadier General Orlando Wilcox (to 1/16)
Major General John Sedgwick

6th New York Cavalry Company B Captain Hillman A. Hall
6th New York Cavalry Company C Captain William L. Hermance
First Division Brigadier General William W. Burns
1st Brigade Colonel W. M. Fenton
2nd Brigade Colonel B. C. Crist
Colonel G. W. Mindill
3rd Brigade Colonel Daniel Leasure (to 1/27)
Colonel Thomas Welch
Second Division Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis
1st Brigade Brigadier General James Nagle
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Edward Ferrero
Third Division Brigadier General George W. Getty
1st Brigade Colonel Rush C. Hawkins
Colonel H. S. Fairchilds
2nd Brigade Colonel E. Harland
3rd Brigade Colonel A. F. Stevens organized in January