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Commanded by:
Brevet Major General Francis C. Barlow (to 5/5)
Major General Andrew A. Humphreys

First Division Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles (to 5/20)
Brevet Brigadier General John Ramsey
1st Brigade Colonel J. Fraser (to 5/31)
Colonel G. W. Scott
2nd Brigade Colonel R. Nugent
3rd Brigade Brevet Brigadier General Clinton McDougall (to 5/28)
Colonel A. Funk
4th Brigade Colonel W. M. Mintzer (to 5/20)
Lieutenant Colonel St. Clair Mulholland
Second Division Brevet Major General Francis Barlow (^5/28)
Colonel J. P. McIvor
1st Brigade Colonel W. L. Olmstead
2nd Brigade Colonel J. P. McIvor (^ 5/28)
Colonel J. B. Baker
3rd Brigade Colonel Daniel Woodall
Third Division Brigadier General Regis DeTrobriand (to 5/16)
Brigadier General Gershom Mott

1st Brigade Colonel R. B. Shepherd (to 5/16)
Brigadier General Regis DeTrobriand
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Byron R. Pierce
3rd Brigade Colonel Francis Price
Artillery Brigade Brevet Lt. Colonel John G. Hazard
10th Massachusetts Battery Captain J. Webb Adams
1st New Hampshire Battery Captain George K. Dakin
1st New Jersey Artillery, Battery B Captain A. Judson Clark
1st New York Artillery, Battery G Captain Nelson Ames
11th New York Independent Battery Lieutenant James A. Manning
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery B Lieutenant William B. Westcott
4th United States Artillery, Battery K Brevet Captain John W. Roder