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Commanded by Brigadier General David McM. Gregg

The First and Third Cavalry Divisions of the Cavalry Corps were transferred to the Army of the Shenandoah from August of 1864 until March of 1865, while the Second Cavalry Division remained with the Army of the Potomac at Petersburg.

First Brigade  Brigadier General Henry M. Davies
1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment Colonel Andrew W. Evans to Army Provost Guard
1st Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment Colonel Horace B. Sargent
1st New Jersey Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Janeway (Col. 10/11)
10th New York Cavalry Regiment Major Matthew H. Avery
24th New York Cavalry Regiment Colonel Walter C. Newberry from 2 Brig. 1 Div. 9 Corps
6th Ohio Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Stedman to 3 Brig. (below)
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel John P. Taylor
Second Brigade   Colonel Charles H. Smith (to 10/11)
Colonel M. Kerwin
1st Maine Cavalry Regiment to 3 Brig. (below)
2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Richard Butler Price
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Samuel B.M. Young
13th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Michael Kerwin
16th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John K. Robison
Third Brigade   Colonel C. H. Smith reorganized 10/11
1st Maine Cavalry Regiment from 2 Brig. (above)
6th Ohio Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Stedman from 1 Brig. (above
21st Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment from 5 Corps, 1 Div., 1 Brig.
Horse Artillery
1st United States Artillery, Battery I
2nd United States Artillery, Battery A