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Commanded by Major General John G. Parke

Provost Guard

79th New York Infantry Major Andrew D. Baird from 1 Brig. 1 Div.

First Division

Brigadier General Orlando Wilcox
First Brigade  Colonel S. Harriman (to 10/24)
Colonel J. L. Curtin (to 10/25)
Brigadier General john R. Hartranft
8th Michigan Infantry Regiment
27th Michigan Infantry Regiment
79th New York Infantry Regiment to Corps Provost Guard
109th New York Infantry Regiment
13th Ohio Cavalry (dismounted)
51st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
37th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
38th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment
Second Brigade  Brigadier General John F. Hartranft (to 10/9)
Lieutenant Colonel W. C. Newberry (to 10/16)
Colonel B. M. Cutcheon
1st Michigan Sharpshooters Regiment
2nd Michigan Infantry Regiment
20th Michigan Infantry Regiment
56th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Stephen N. Weld to 2 Div. 2 Brig. (below)
24th New York Cavalry (dismounted) to Cavalry Corps, 2 Div., 1 Brig.
46th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel George W. Travers (to 10/15)
Lieutenant Colonel Adolphus Becker
50th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
60th Ohio Infantry Regiment
Third Brigade  Colonel Napoleon B. McLaughlin
3rd Maryland infantry Battalion from 2 Brig. (above)
29th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment from 1 Brig. (above)
57th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment from 2 Brig. (above)
59th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment from 2 Brig. (above)
14th New York Heavy Artillery from 2 Brig. (above)
100th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment from 2 Brig. (above)
17th Michigan Infantry Regiment from 3 Div.

Second Division

Brigadier General R. B. Potter
First Brigade Colonel J. I. Curtin
21st Massachusetts Infantry Regiment consolidated with 36th MA
35th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
36th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Major William F. Draper
58th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John C. Whiton
39th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel Abram C. Wildrick from Engineer Brig.
51st New York Infantry Regiment
45th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John I. Curtin
48th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry Pleasants
4th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Colonel William H.P. Steere mustered out 10/15
Second Brigade Colonel S. G. Griffin
31st Maine Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hight
32nd Maine Infantry Regiment Major Arthur Deering
2nd Maryland Infantry Regiment
56th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Stephen N. Weld
6th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Henry H. Pearson
9th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John W. Babbitt
11th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment Colonel Walter Harriman
2nd New York Mounted Rifles
179th New York Infantry Regiment
186th New York Infantry Regiment
17th Vermont Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles Cummings
7th Rhode Island Infantry Regiment Captain Theodore Winn

Third Division

Brigadier General Edward Ferrero (to 10/9)
Brigadier General John Hartranft (to 10/25)
Brigadier General Edward Ferrero
First Brigade Colonel O. P. Stearns
Colonel Delavan Bates
27th United States Colored Troops
30th United States Colored Troops
39th United States Colored Troops
43rd United States Colored Troops
Second Brigade Colonel C. S. Russell
Colonel H. G. Thomas
19th United States Colored Troops
23rd United States Colored Troops
28th United States Colored Troops
29th United States Colored Troops
31st United States Colored Troops

Corps Artillery

Brevet Brigadier General John C. Tidball 
7th Maine Battery
11th Massachusetts Battery
19th New York Independent Battery
27th New York Independent Battery
34th New York Independent Battery
Pennsylvania Independent Battery D