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Commanded by Major General John Sedgwick

The Second Division did not have a First Brigade from March of 1863 until March of 1864.


1st New Jersey Cavalry, Company L Lieutenant Voorhees Dye
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Co. H Captain William S. Craft

First Division

Brigadier General D. A. Russell
First Brigade Brigadier General A. T. A. Torbert
1st New Jersey Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William Henry
2nd New Jersey Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel C. Wiebecke
3rd New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry W. Brown
4th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Major Charles Ewing
15th New Jersey Infantry Regiment Colonel Wiliam H. Penrose
Second Brigade Colonel Emory Upton
5th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel Clark S. Edwards
121st New York Infantry Regiment
95th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain E. Carroll
96th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel William H. Lessig
Third Brigade Colonel Thomas S. Allen
Colonel Hiram Burnham
6th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel Hiram Burnham (^)
49th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Thomas M. Hulings
119th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter Ellmaker
5th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas S. Allen (^) from 2 Div. 3 Brig. (below)

Second Division

Brigadier General Thomas Neill (to 2/21)
Brigadier General H. L. Eustis
Second Brigade Colonel Lewis A. Grant
2nd Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel James H. Walbridge
3rd Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Thomas O. Seaver
4th Vermont Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George P. Foster
5th Vermont Infantry Regiment Major Charles P. Dudley
6th Vermont Infantry Regiment Colonel Elisha L. Barney
Third Brigade Colonel Edwin C. Mason
Colonel Daniel D. Bidwell
7th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel Edwin C. Mason (^ 1/4)
43rd New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Benjamin F. Baker
49th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Daniel D. Bidwell
77th New York Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Winsor B. French
61st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel George F. Smith
Fourth Brigade Colonel O. Edwards
7th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
10th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
37th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment
2nd Rhode Island Infantry Regiment


Brigadier General Calvin E. Pratt
1st Massachusets Independent Battery Captain William H. McCartney
1st New York Independent Battery Captain Andrew Cowan
3rd New York Independent Battery Captain Wiliam A. Harn
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery C Captain Richard Waterman
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery G Captain George W. Adams
2nd United States Artillery, Battery G Lieutenant John H. Butler
4th United States Artillery, Battery C
5th United States Artillery, Battery M Captain James McKnight