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Commanded by Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman

The Third Corps had no First Division from May until August of 1862

Second Division Brigadier General Joseph Hooker
1st Brigade Brig. Gen. Cuvier Grover
2nd Brigade Brig. Gen. Daniel Sickles (to 7/16)
Colonel Nelson Taylor
3rd Brigade Brig. Gen. F. E. Patterson 
Third Division Brigadier General P. Kearney
1st Brigade Brig. Gen. John C. Robinson
2nd Brigade Brig. Gen. David B. Birney
3rd Brigade Brig. Gen. Hiram G. Berry
1st New Jersey Artillery, Battery B
1st New York Artillery, Battery D from 2 Div. 
4th New York Independent Battery
6th New York Independent Battery
4th United States Artillery, Battery K
3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel William W. Averill  to Cavalry Div., 1 Brig.