United States Army

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Commanded by Major General George B. McClellan

In July of 1862 the Ninth Corps was created from the troops of Burnside’s Carolina Expedition and a cavalry division was formed. After the Army of the Potomac was humiliated by Stuart’s ride through its rear area, Brigadier General Philip St. George Cooke (who was Stuart’s father-in-law) was relieved as commander of the Cavalry Reserve and a cavalry division was organized under Brigadier General George Stoneman.


Guards & Orderlies
McClellan Dragoons (Illinois)
Sturgis (Illinois) Rifles
Oneida (New York) Cavalry Company
1st United States Cavalry, Cos. BCH&I from Cavalry Reserve, 2nd Brig.
4th United States Cavalry, Cos. A & E
Provost Guard Colonel Andrew Porter
93rd New York Infantry, Cos. AFH&K Lt. Colonel Benjamin C. Butler
8th United States Infantry, Cos. F&G
19th United States Infantry Cos. G&H Captain Edmund L. Smith (Co. G)
Captain Henry S. Welton (Co. H)
from Indianapolis
2nd United States Cavalry Regiment
Engineer Brigade
15th New York Engineer Regiment
50th New York Engineer Regiment
Regular Engineer Battalion
Siege Artillery
1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery to Defences Washington

Second Corps

Major General Edwin V. Sumner
1st Division Brigadier General Israel Richardson (to 7/17)
Brigadier General George Stoneman
2nd Division Brigadier General John Sedgwick

Third Corps

Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman 
2nd Division Brigadier General Joseph Hooker
3rd Division Brigadier General Philip Kearney

Fourth Corps

Brigadier General Erasmus Keyes
1st Division Brigadier General Darius N. Couch (to 7/12)
Brigadier General John J. Abercrombie
2nd Division Brigadier General Silas Casey

Fifth Corps

Brigadier General Fitz John Porter
1st Division Brigadier General George W. Morrell
2nd Division Brigadier General George Sykes
3rd Division Brigadier General Truman Seymour
Artillery Reserve Colonel Henry Hunt

Sixth Corps

Major General William B. Franklin
1st Division Brigadier General Henry Slocum
2nd Division Brigadier General William F. Smith

Ninth Corps

Major General Ambrose E. Burnside
1st Division Brigadier General Israel I. Stevens created 7/22
2nd Division Brigadier General William Jesse Reno
3rd Division Brigadier General John G. Parke

Cavalry Division

Brigadier General George Stoneman (to 7/17)
First Brigade Colonel William W. Averill
1st New York Cavalry Regiment from 6th Corps 
3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment from 3rd Corps 
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment from 5th Corps 
5th United States Cavalry Regiment
2nd Brigade Colonel David McM. Gregg (until 7/16)
Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Richard H. Rush from 1st Brig., Cavalry Reserve 
8th Illinois Cavalry Regiment
8th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Major Lawrence Williams
1st United States Cavalry Regiment Lt. Colonel William N. Grier to Army Headquarters 
6th United States Cavalry Regiment from 1st Brig., Cavalry Reserve