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Commanded by Major General Ambrose E. Burnside

First Division Major General Thomas L. Crittenden (to 6/9)
Brigadier General James Ledlie
First Brigade Brigadier General J. H. Ledlie (^ 6/9)
Colonel J. P. Gould
Second Brigade Colonel J. M. Sudsburg (to 6/4)
Colonel E. W. Pierce (to 6/17)
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H. Barnes
Provisional/Third Brigade Colonel E. G. Marshall 6/11 redesignated Third Brig.
6/18 discontinued
Second Division Brigadier General R. B. Potter
First Brigade Colonel J. I. Curtin (to 6/18)
Lieutenant Colonel H. Pleasants
Second Brigade Colonel S. G. Griffin
Third Division Brigadier General Orlando B. Wilcox
First Brigade Colonel John F. Hartranft
Second Brigade Colonel B. C. Christ (to 6/17)
Lieutenant Colonel George W. Travers (to 6/18)
Lieutenant Colonel W C. Newberry (to 6/19)
Lieutenant Colonel W. C. Raulston (6/19)
Colonel William Humphreys
Fourth Division Brigadier General Edward Ferrero
First Brigade Colonel J. K. Sigfried
Second Brigade Colonel H. G. Thomas