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Commanded by Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman

The death of Kearney at the Battle of Chantily and the transfer of Hooker to command the First Corps changed the command structures of both divisions. The corps was assigned to the Washington Defenses during the Maryland Campaign and missed the Battle of Antietam.

First Division Brigadier General P. Kearney (k 9/1)
Brigadier General David Birney (9/1 – 9/13)
Brigadier General George Stoneman
1st Brigade Brig. Gen. John C. Robinson
2nd Brigade Brig. Gen. David B. Birney (^ 9/1)
Colonel J. H. H. Ward (9/1 – 9/13)
Brig. Gen. David B. Birney
3rd Brigade Colonel Orlando Poe
Brigadier General H. G. Berry
Second Division Brigadier General Joseph Hooker (to 9/5)
Brigadier General Daniel E. Sickles
1st Brigade Brigadier General Cuvier Grover (to 9/5)
Brigadier General J. B. Carr
2nd Brigade Colonel Nelson Taylor (to 9/5)
Colonel George B. Hall
3rd Brigade Brigadier General F. E. Patterson 
1st New York Artillery, Battery D
4th New York Independent Battery
6th New York Independent Battery