United States Army > Army of Virginia

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Commanded by Major General Franz Sigel 

Transferred to the Army of the Potomac as the Eleventh Army Corps, June 26, 1862

First Division Brigadier General Julius Stahel
First Brigade Colonel A. Buschbeck
Second Brigade Colonel Nathaniel C. McLean
Second Division Brigadier General Adolf Von Steinwehr
First Brigade Colonel J. A. Muhleck
Second Brigade Colonel Orland Smith
Third Division Brigadier General Carl Schurz
First Brigade Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig
Second Brigade Colonel Wladimir Krzyanowski
Milroy’s Independent Brigade Brigadier General Robert H. Milroy
82nd Ohio Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James S. Robinson
12th Ohio Independent Battery Captain Aaron C. Johnson
2nd West Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel George R. Latham
3rd West Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel David T. Hewes
5th West Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel John L. Zeigler
1st West Virginia Cavalry, Companty C Major John S. Krepps
Cavalry Brigade Colonel John Beardsley
1st Connecticut Cavalry Battalion Major Judson M. Lyon
1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles Wetschky
4th New York Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Ferris Nazer
9th New York Cavalry Regiment Major Charles Knox