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Commanded by:
Major General David B. Birney (to 6/3)
Major General Daniel Sickles

First Division Brigadier General J. H. Hobart Ward (to 6/3)
Major General David Birney
1st Brigade Colonel A. H. Tippin
Brigadier General Charles K. Graham
2nd Brigade Colonel Regis DeTrobriand (to 6/3)
Brigadier General J. H. Hobart Ward
3rd Brigade Colonel S. B. Hayman (to 6/3)
Colonel Regis De Trobriand
Second Division Major General Andrew A. Humphreys
1st Brigade Brigadier General Joseph B. Carr
2nd Brigade Colonel W. R. Brewster
3rd Brigade Colonel W. J. Sewell
Colonel G. C. Burling
Third Division Brigadier General Charles K. Graham
 discontinued 6/20
1st Brigade Colonel A. Van Horn Ellis
2nd Brigade Colonel S. M. Bowman
3rd Brigade Colonel Hiram Berdan
1st New Jersey Artillery, Battery B
1st New York Artillery, Battery D
4th New York Independent Battery
10th New York Independent Battery
11th New York Independent Battery to Artillery Reserve, 4th Vol. Brig.
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery E
4th United States Artillery, Battery K