United States Army

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Commanded by Major General Winfield Scott Hancock

First Infantry Division Brevet Major General James McMillen
First Brigade Brigadier General Frank Fessenden
3rd Maryland Potomac Home Brigade mustered out 5/29
28th Ohio Veteran Infantry Battalion
74th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment
17th West Virginia Infantry Regiment
32nd New York Independent Battery Captain Patrick Hart
West Virginia Battery D
Second Brigade Colonel Benjamin F. Coates
2nd Maryland Potomac Home Brigade mustered out 5/29
2nd West Virginia Veteran Infantry Regiment
14th West Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Andrew S. Core
3rd Ohio Independent Cavalry Company mustered out 5/22
22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Jacob C. Higgins
First Kentucky Battery Captain Daniel Glassie
Maryland Battery B
West Virginia Battery H
Second Infantry Division Brigadier General J.A.J. Lightburn
First Brigade Colonel N. Wilkinson
Battery L, 1st Illinois Artillery
1st Maryland Potomac Home Brig. Cavalry
13th Maryland Infantry Regiment
Second Brigade Colonel S. Graham
18th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
5th New York Heavy Artillery
25th New York Cavalry Regiment
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery L
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery D
5th United States Artillery, Battery B
Loudon (Va.) Rangers mustered out 5/31
Harpers Ferry  
Independent (PA) Engineers Company C