United States Army

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Commanded by Major General George Meade

First Corps Major General John F. Reynolds (k 7/1)
Major General Abner Doubleday
(to 7/2)
Major General John Newton
1st Division Brigadier General John S. Wadsworth (to 7/15)
Brigadier General Lysander Cutler
2nd Division Brigadier General John C. Robinson
3rd Division Major General Abner Doubleday (^ 7/1)
Brigadier General Thomas A. Rowley (to 7/2)
Major General Abner Doubleday (to 7/11)
Brigadier General John Kenly
Second Corps Major General Winfield S. Hancock (7/1)
Brigadier General John Gibbon
Major General Winfield S. Hancock
(w 7/3)
Brigadier General William Hays
1st Division Brigadier General John C. Caldwell
2nd Division Brigadier General John Gibbon (^ 7/1)
Brigadier General William Harrow (to 7/2)
Brigadier General John Gibbon (w 7/3)
Brigadier General William Harrow
3rd Division Major General William H. French (to 6/28)
Brigadier General Alexander Hays
Third Corps Major General Daniel Sickles (w 7/2)
Major General David B. Birney (to 7/7)
Major General William H. French
1st Division Major General David Birney (^ 7/2)
Brigadier General John H. H. Ward (to 7/7)
Major General David Birney
2nd Division Major General Andrew A. Humphreys (to 7/9)
Brigadier General Joseph B. Carr (to 7/10)
Brigadier General Henry Prince
3rd Division Brigadier General W. L. Elliott reorganized 7/10
Fifth Corps Major General George Sykes
1st Division Brigadier General James Barnes (to 7/21)
Brigadier General Charles Griffin
2nd Division Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres
3rd Division Brigadier General Samuel W. Crawford
Sixth Corps Major General John Sedgwick
1st Division Brigadier General Horatio G. Wright
2nd Division Brigadier General Albion P. Howe
3rd Division Brigadier General John Newton (to 7/2)
Brigadier General Charles Devens Jr. (to 7/4)
Brigadier General J. J. Bartlett
Eleventh Corps Major General Oliver O. Howard
1st Division Brigadier General Francis C. Barlow (w 7/1)
Brigadier General Adelbert Ames (to 7/14)
Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfenning (to 7/17)
Brigadier General George H. Gordon
2nd Division Brigadier General Adolph Von Steinwehr
3rd Division Brigadier General Carl Schurz 
Twelfth Corps
Major General Henry W. Slocum (wing commander 7/1-7/4)
Brigadier General Alpheus Williams
1st Division Brigadier General Alpheus Williams (^ 7/1)
Brigadier General Thomas H. Ruger (to 7/4)
2nd Division Brigadier General John W. Geary
Artillery Reserve Brigadier General Robert O. Tyler
1st Regular Brigade Captain Dunbar R. Ransom
1st Volunteer Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Freeman McGilvery
2nd Volunteer Brigade Captain Elijah D. Taft
3rd Volunteer Brigade Captain James F. Huntington
4th Volunteer Brigade Captain Robert H. Fitzhugh
Cavalry Corps Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton
1st Division Brigadier General John Buford
2nd Division Brigadier General David McM. Gregg
3rd Division Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick (to 7/15)
Brigadier General George A. Custer