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Commanded by:
Major General Abner Doubleday (7/1 – 7/2)
Major General John Newton (after 7/2)

On June 30 Major General John F. Reynolds had been assigned temporary command of the army’s Left Wing (which included the 3rd and 11th Corps along with the 1st Corps). Reynolds remained with the 1st Corps, going into battle on July 1 at Gettysburg with its lead division, where he was killed by a sharpshooter early in the fighting. The corps lost 50% casualties, mostly on July 1. Major General Doubleday took over the corps after Reynolds’ death, but General Meade had no confidence in Doubleday and decided to bring in Major General John Newton from outside to command the corps. This lead to Doubleday’s departure from the army on July 7, and Doubleday’s lifelong hatred of Meade.

Headquarters Escort
1st Maine Cavalry, Co. L Captain Constantine Taylor
First Division Brigadier General John S. Wadsworth (until 7/15)
Brigadier General L. Cutler
1st Brigade Brigadier General Solomon Meredith (w 7/2)
Colonel W.W. Robinson
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Lysander Cutler (until 7/15)
Colonel E. B. Fowler
Second Division Brigadier General John C. Robinson
1st Brigade Brigadier General Gabriel B. Paul (w 7/1)
Colonel S. H. Leonard(w 7/1)
Colonel A. R. Root (w 7/1)
Colonel R. Coulter (7/1 – w 7/3)
Colonel Peter Lyle (7/3)
Colonel R. Coulter (7/3 – 7/5)
Colonel Peter Lyle (after 7/5)
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Henry Baxter
Third Division Brigadier General Thomas A. Rowley (until 7/2)
Major General Abner Doubleday
 (7/2 – 7/7)
Brigadier General J.R. Kenly (after 7/7)
1st Brigade Colonel C. Biddle (7/1)
Brigadier General Thomas A. Rowley (7/2)
Colonel C. Biddle (7/2-7/10)
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Roy Stone (w 7/1)
Colonel L. Wistar (w 7/1)
Colonel E. L. Dana (after 7/1)
3rd Brigade Brigadier General George Stannard (w 7/3)
Colonel F. V. Randall (7/3 – 7/11)
Colonel N. T. DuShane (after 7/11)
brigade mustered out 7/11 and
Artillery Colonel Charles Wainwright
2nd Maine Battery Captain James A. Hall
5th Maine Battery Lieutenant Greenleaf T. Stevens (w 7/2)
Lieutenant Edward N. Whittier (after 7/2)
1st New York Artillery, Battery E attached to battery L (see below)
1st New York Artillery, Battery L Captain John A. Reynolds (w 7/1)
Lieutenant George Beck
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery B Captain James H. Cooper
4th United States Artillery, Battery B Lieutenant James Stewart (w 7/1)
Lieutenant James Davison (w 7/1)