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Commanded by Major General John Newton

Headquarters Escort
1st Maine Cavalry, Co. L Captain Constantine Taylor

First Division

Brigadier General J.C. Rice (to 2/10)
Brigadier General L. Cutler

First Brigade “Iron Brigade” Colonel Henry A. Morrow (to 2/28)
Colonel William W. Robinson
19th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel J. Williams
24th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry A. Morrow
1st New York Sharpshooter Battalion Captain Joseph C. Arnold
76th New York Infantry Regiment Major John W. Young
2nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John Mansfield
6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward Bragg
7th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Major Mark Finnicum

Second Brigade

Colonel J. W. Hoffman (to 2/10)
Brigadier General J. C. Rice
7th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Ira G. Grover
14th New York State Militia (84th N.Y.) Colonel Edward B. Fowler
95th New York Infantry Regiment Major Edward Pye
147th New York Infantry Regiment Major George Harney
56th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel George B. Osborn (to 2/10)
Colonel J. W. Hoffman

Second Division

Brigadier General John C. Robinson
First Brigade Colonel Samuel H. Leonard
16th Maine Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Charles W. Tilden
13th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel W. Batchelder
39th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Phineas S. Davis
104th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Gilbert G. Prey
107th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Major Henry J. Shaefer
Second Brigade Colonel Charles Wheelock (to 2/2)
Brigadier General H. Baxter
12th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Major Benjamin F. Cook
83rd New York Infantry (9th NYSM) Colonel Joseph A. Moesch
97th New York Infantry Regiment Major Charles Northrup
11th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel R. Coulter
88th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Edmund Y. Patterson
90th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel William A. Leech

Third Division

Brigadier General John R. Kenly
First Brigade Colonel Langhorne Wistar (to 2/12)
Colonel Edmund L. Dana
121st Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Major Alexander Biddle
142nd Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Alfred B. McCalmont
143rd Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Edmund L. Dana (^ 2/12)
149th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Walton Dwight
150th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Horatio Bell
Second Brigade Colonel Nathan T. Dushane
1st Maryland Infantry Regiment Lieutanant Colonel John W. Wilson
4th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel Richard N. Bowerman
7th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel Edwin H. Webster
8th Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel Andrew W. Denison

Corps Artillery

Colonel Charles Wainwright
Maryland Battery A Lieutenant Thomas Binyon
5th Maine Battery Captain Greenleaf T. Stevens
1st New York Artillery, Batteries E & L Captain Gilbert H. Reynolds
Battery H, 1st New York Artillery
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery B Captain James H. Cooper
4th United States Artillery, Battery B Lieutenant James Stewart