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Commanded by Major General John Newton

The 1st Corps was discontinued and merged into the Fifth Corps on March 24, 1864.

Headquarters Escort
1st Maine Cavalry, Co. L Captain Constantine Taylor
First Division Brigadier General L. Cutler (until 3/20)
Brigadier General J.C. Rice
 to 5 Corps, 4 Div.
1st Brigade Colonel William W. Robinson
2nd Brigade Brigadier General J.C. Rice
Second Division Brigadier General John C. Robinson to 5 Corps, 2 Div.
1st Brigade Colonel S. H. Leonard
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Henry Baxter
Third Division Brigadier General John R. Kenly
1st Brigade Colonel E. L. Dana to 5 Corps, 4 Div.
2nd Brigade Colonel N. T. DuShane to 5 Corps, 2 Div.
Artillery Colonel Charles Wainwright to Army Artillery Reserve
Maryland Battery A Lieutenant Thomas Binyon
5th Maine Battery Captain Greenleaf T. Stevens
1st New York Artillery, Batteries E & L Captain Gilbert H. Reynolds
Battery H, 1st New York Artillery
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery B Captain James H. Cooper
4th United States Artillery, Battery B Lieutenant James Stewart