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Commanded by Major General Edwin V. Sumner

First Division Brigadier General Israel B. Richardson (to 7/17)
Brigadier General George Stoneman
1st Brigade Brigadier General John C. Caldwell
2nd Brigade Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Meagher (to 7/16)
Colonel R. Nugent
3rd Brigade Brigadier General W. H. French (to 7/20)
Colonel J. R. Brooke
Second Division Brigadier General John Sedgwick
1st Brigade Brigadier General W. A. Gorman
2nd Brigade Brig. Gen.  W. W. Burns  (w 7/10)
Colonel J. T. Owen (7/10 – 7/30)
Colonel DeWitt C. Baxter
3rd Brigade Brigadier General N. J. T. Dana
Kimball’s Independent Brigade Brig. Gen. Nathan Kimball
14th Indiana Infantry Regiment from Dept. Rappahannock,
Shields’ Div. 7/4
4th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel John Mason
8th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Franklin Sawyer
7th West Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel James Evans
1st New York Artillery, Battery G
Rhode Island Artillery, Battery G