Confederate States Army

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Commanded by General Robert E. Lee

In June Lee detached the Second Corps under Jubal Early to the Shenandoah Valley, hoping to repeat Jackson’s performance of 1862 by diverting Union troops and attention from Richmond.

First Corps Lieutenant General Richard Anderson (Lt. Gen. 6/4)
Field’s Division Major General Charles W. Field
Kershaw’s Division Major General Joseph B. Kershaw (Maj. Gen. 6/4)
Pickett’s Division Major General George E. Pickett from Richmond defences
Reserve Artillery Brigadier General Edward Porter Alexander
Second Corps Lieutenant General Jubal Early
Detached 6/13 as Army of the Valley
Early’s Division Major General John B. Gordon
Johnson’s Division Major General Stephen Dodson Ramseur (Maj. Gen. 6/1)
Rodes’ Division Major General Robert E. Rodes
Artillery Reserve Brigadier General Armistead Long
Third Corps Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill
Anderson’s Division Brigadier General William Mahone
Heth’s Division Major General Henry Heth
Wilcox’s Division Major General Cadmus Wilcox
Artillery Reserve Colonel Reuben L. Walker
Breckinridge’s Division Major General John Breckinridge to Shenandoah Valley 6/7
Echols’ Brigade Brigadier General John Echols
Wharton’s Brigade Brigadier General Gabriel C. Wharton
Maryland Line Colonel Bradley T. Johnston
King’s Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Floyd King
McLaughlin’s Artillery Battalion Major William McLaughlin
Hoke’s Division Major General Robert F. Hoke from North Carolina; to Dep. NC & S. VA
Clingman’s Brigade Brigadier General Tomas L. Clingman
Colquitt’s Brigade Brigadier General Alfred Colquitt
Hagood’s Brigade Brigadier General Johnson Hagood
Martin’s Brigade Brigadier General James G. Martin
Read’s Artillery Battalion Major John P.W. Read
Cavalry Corps no commander since the death of Stuart
Hampton’s Division Major General Wade Hampton III
F. Lee’s Division Major General Fitzhugh Lee
W.H.F. Lee’s Division Major General W.H.F. Lee
Gary’s Command Brigadier General Martin W. Gary
Stuart Horse Artillery Major Robert F. Beckham