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Commanded by
Brigadier General Philip St. George Cooke (to July 5)
Brigadier General George Stoneman

After the Army of the Potomac was humiliated by Stuart’s ride through its rear area,  Cooke (who was Stuart’s father-in-law) was relieved and a cavalry division organized under George Stoneman.

First Brigade Colonel W. W. Averill
1st New York Cavalry Regiment from 6th Corps 
3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment from 3rd Corps 
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment from 5th Corps 
5th United States Cavalry Regiment
2nd Brigade Colonel David McM. Gregg (until 7/16)
Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Colonel Richard H. Rush from 1st Brig. 
8th Illinois Cavalry Regiment
8th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment Major Lawrence Williams
1st United States Cavalry Regiment Lt. Colonel William N. Grier to Army Headquarters 
6th United States Cavalry Regiment from 1st Brig.