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Commanded by Major General Nathaniel P. Banks

On May 10 four of Bank’s six infantry brigades were transferred to the Department of the Rappahannock.

First Division

Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams
First Brigade Colonel Dudley Donnelly (until 5/27)
Brig. Gen. Samuel W. Crawford
5th Connecticut Infantry Regiment Colonel George D. Chapman
10th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel George L. Beal
1st Maryland Infantry Regiment Colonel John R. Kenly
28th New York Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel Edwin Brown (to 5/27)
Colonel Dudley Donnelly
28th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John Geary
46th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph F. Knipe
Second Brigade Brigadier General George Hartsuff
12th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel H. Leonard to 3rd Brig., Ord’s Div.,
Dept. Rappahannock 5/10
16th Indiana Infantry Regiment
12th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Fletcher Webster
13th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Mason Tappan
Third Brigade Colonel George Gordon (to 5/27)
Brigadier General George S. Greene
27th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Silas Colgrove
2nd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel George H. Gordon
9th New York State Militia Regiment Colonel John W. Stiles to Rappahannock, Ord’s Div. 3 Brig. 
29th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel John K. Murphy (c)
Captain Samuel M. Zulich
3rd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Captain Thomas H. Ruger
Artillery and Cavalry
Battery M, 1st New York Artillery Lieutenant James H. Peabody
Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery Lieutenant J. Presley Fleming
Pennsylvania Independent Battery F Lieutenant Charles A. Atwell
Battery F, 4th United States Artillery Lieutenant Franklin B. Crosby

Second Division

Brigadier General James Shields
First Brigade Colonel Nathan Kimball
14th Indiana Infantry Regiment to 1st Brig.
4th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel John Mason to 1st Brig.
8th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel S. Carroll to 1st Brig.
67th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Otto Burstenbinder to 2nd Brig.
84th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment to 4th Brig.
7th West Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel James Evans to 1st Brig.
Second Brigade Colonel J. C. Sullivan
13th Indiana Infantry Regiment to 3rd Brig.
39th Illinois Infantry Regiment to 2nd Brig.
5th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel H. Dunning to 2nd Brig.
62nd Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis B. Pond to 2nd Brig.
66th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles Candy to 2nd Brig.
Third Brigade Colonel Erasmus B. Tyler
7th Indiana Infantry Regiment to 4th Brig.
7th Ohio Infantry Regiment Lt. Colonel William Creighton to 4th Brig.
29th Ohio Infantry Regiment Colonel Lewis P. Buckley to 3rd Brig.
110th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel William D. Lewis to 3rd Brig.
1st West Virginia Infantry Regiment Colonel Joseph Thoburn to 4th Brig.
Division Artillery
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery H
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery L
1st West Virginia Artillery, Battery A
1st West Virginia Artillery, Battery B
4th United States Artilery, Battery E

Cavalry Command

Brigadier General John P. Hatch
1st Maine Cavalry (7 cos.) Lieutenant Colonel Calvin R. Douty to Dept. Rappahannock, Bayard’s Cav. Brig.
1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment Lt. Colonel Charles Wetschky
1st Maryland Potomac Home Cavalry  Captain Henry Cole
1st Michigan Cavalry Regiment Colonel Thornton F. Brodhead
5th New York Cavalry Regiment Colonel Othneil De Forest
8th New York Cavalry Regiment
1st Ohio Cavalry, Cos. A & C to Dept. Rappahannock, Shield’s Div. 5/10
1st Rhode Island Cavalry Regiment Colonel Charles H. Tompkins to Dept. Rappahannock, Ord’s Div. 5/10
1st Vermont Cavalry Regiment Colonel Jonas P. Holiday
1st West Virginia Cavalry (8 Cos.) Colonel Henry Anisansel