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Commanded by Brigadier General J. C. Robinson

The 2nd Division suffered 56% casualties at Gettysburg, most in fighting west of town on the first day. Gabriel Paul’s First Brigade fared slightly worse with 67%, with Paul suffering a head wound that left him blind. The loss of officers in his brigade was so severe that the 11th Pennsylvania was temporarily transferred from the Second Brigade so that Colonel Richard Coulter could take command; when he, in turn, was wounded, Colonel Peter Lyle of the 90th Pennsylvania was borrowed to take over the survivors.

First Brigade Brigadier General G. Paul (w 7/1)
Colonel Samuel H. Leonard (w 7/1)
Colonel Adrian R. Root (w&c 7/1)
Colonel Richard Coulter (w 7/1 – 7/3)
Colonel Peter Lyle (7/3)
Colonel Richard Coulter (7/3 – 7/5)
Colonel Peter Lyle (after 7/5)
16th Maine Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles W. Tilden (c 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel Augustus Farnham
13th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel H. Leonard (to 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel W. Batchelder
39th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel Phineas S. Davis from Dist. Washington, 22nd Corps
94th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel A. R. Root (until 7/1)
Major Samuel Moffat (after 7/1)
104th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Gilbert G. Prey
11th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Jacob J. Bierer (after 7/1) temp. attached from 2 Brig. 7/2-7/5
107th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel James M. Thomson (w 7/1)
Captain Emanuel D. Roath

Second Brigade

Brigadier General H. Baxter
12th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment Colonel James L. Bates (w 7/1)
Lieutenant Colonel David Allen
83rd New York Infantry (9th NYSM) Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Moesch
97th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Charles Wheelock (c 7/1-7/4)
Lieutenant Colonel John P. Spofford (c 7/1)
Major Charles Northrup (7/1-7/4)
11th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel R. Coulter temp. attached to 1 Brig. 7/2-7/5
88th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Edmund Mass (c 7/1)
Captain Henry Whiteside
90th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel Peter Lyle (to 7/3 and 7/4-7/5)
Major Alfred J. Sellers (7/3 and after 7/5)