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Commanded by:
Brevet Major General George W. Getty (to 2/11)
Major General Horatio Wright

First Division Brigadier General Frank Wheaton
First Brigade Lieutenant Colonel E. L. Campbell (to 2/26)
Colonel W. H. Penrose
Second Brigade Colonel J. Hubbard (to 2/6)
Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie
Third Brigade Colonel J. E. Hamblin
Second Division Brigadier General Lewis Grant (to 2/11)
Brigadier General George W. Getty
First Brigade Colonel J. M. Warner
Second Brigade Colonel G. P. Foster (to 2/11)
Brigadier General Lewis A. Grant (to 2/20)
Colonel G. P. Foster
Third Brigade Colonel Thomas W. Hyde
Third Division Brigadier General Truman Seymour
First Brigade Colonel William S. Truex
Second Brigade Colonel B. F. Smith (to 2/8)
Colonel J. W. Keifer
Artillery Brigadier General Calvin E. Pratt
4th Maine Independent Battery
14th Massachusetts Battery
1st New Jersey Artillery, Battery A
1st New York Independent Battery Captain Andrew Cowan
3rd New York Independent Battery Captain Wiliam A. Harn
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery H
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery E
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery G
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery H
3rd Vermont Independent Battery
5th United States Artillery, Battery E