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Commanded by:
Major General Horatio Wright (to 1/16)
Brevet Major General George W. Getty

First Division Brigadier General Frank Wheaton
First Brigade Captain B. Hufty (to 1/5)
Lieutenant Colonel E. L. Campbell
Second Brigade Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie (to 1/23)
Colonel J. Hubbard
Third Brigade Colonel Thomas S. Allen (to 1/9)
Colonel I. C. Bassett (to 1/31)
Colonel J. E. Hamblin
Second Division Brigadier General George W. Getty (^ 1/16)
Brigadier General Lewis Grant
First Brigade Colonel J. M Warner
Second Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Charles Hunsdon (to 1/16)
Colonel G. P. Foster
Third Brigade Colonel Thomas W. Hyde
Third Division Brigadier General Truman Seymour
First Brigade Colonel William S. Truex
Second Brigade Colonel B. F. Smith
Artillery Brigadier General Calvin E. Pratt
4th Maine Independent Battery
14th Massachusetts Battery
1st New Jersey Artillery, Battery A
1st New York Independent Battery Captain Andrew Cowan
3rd New York Independent Battery Captain Wiliam A. Harn
1st Ohio Artillery, Battery H
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery E
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery G
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery H
3rd Vermont Independent Battery
5th United States Artillery, Battery E