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Commanded by
Major General Ambrose E. Burnside (assigned to command of the Army’s Right Wing 9/7)
Major General Jesse Reno (9/7 – k 9/14)
Brigadier General Jacob D. Cox (after 9/14)

First Division Brigadier General Israel I. Stevens (k 9/1)
Colonel Benjamin C. Christ
(to 9/8)
Brigadier General Orlando Wilcox
1st Brigade Colonel Benjamin C. Christ (^ 9/1)
Colonel W. M. Fenton (to 9/6)
Colonel Benjamin C. Christ (to 9/24)
Lt. Colonel David Morrison
2nd Brigade Colonel Thomas Welch (to 9/24)
Colonel Benjamin C. Christ (to 9/30)
Colonel W. M. Fenton
3rd Brigade Colonel Thomas Welch  created 9/26
Second Division Major General Jesse L. Reno (^ 9/2)
Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis
1st Brigade Colonel James Nagle (to BG 9/10)
2nd Brigade Colonel Edward Ferrero (to BG 9/19)
Third Division Major General John G. Parke (to 9/3)
Brigadier General Isaac P. Rodman
(k 9/17)
Major General John G. Parke
1st Brigade Colonel H. S. Fairchilds
2nd Brigade Colonel E. Harland
Kanawha Division Brigadier General Jacob D. Cox (to 9/14)
Colonel Eliakim Scammon
1st Brigade Colonel Eliakim Scammon (to 9/14)
Colonel Hugh Ewing
 from West Virginia
2nd Brigade Colonel Augustus Moore (c 9/12)
Colonel George Crook