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Commanded by Brigadier General John P. Hatch

Hatch’s Cavalry Command was transferred from the 5th Corps of the Army of the Potomac on April 4.

1st Maine Cavalry (7 cos.) Lt. Colonel Calvin R. Douty from Hatch’s Cavalry, 5 Corps
1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment Lt. Colonel Charles Wetschky from Baltimore
1st Maryland Potomac Home Brig.  Captain Henry Cole from Hatch’s Cavalry, 5 Corps
1st Michigan Cavalry Regiment Colonel Thornton F. Brodhead
5th New York Cavalry Regiment Colonel Othneil De Forest
8th New York Cavalry Regiment
1st Ohio Cavalry, Cos. A & C
1st Rhode Island Cavalry Regiment Colonel Charles H. Tompkins
1st Vermont Cavalry Regiment Colonel Jonas P. Holiday
1st West Virginia Cavalry Regiment Colonel Henry Anisansel