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Commanded by Major General Darius N. Couch

First Division Brigadier General Winfield S. Hancock (MG 11/29)
1st Brigade Brig. Gen. John C. Caldwell
2nd Brigade Brig. Gen. Thomas Meagher
3rd Brigade Colonel Samuel K. Zook
Second Division Brigadier General Oliver O. Howard (MG 11/29)
1st Brigade Brig. Gen. Alfred Sully
2nd Brigade Brig. Gen. William W. Burns (to 11/12)
Colonel J. T. Owen
3rd Brigade Colonel Norman Hall
Third Division Brigadier General William H. French (MG 11/29)
1st Brigade Brig. Gen. Nathan Kimball
2nd Brigade Colonel Dwight Morris
3rd Brigade Colonel J. W. Andrews
Reserve Artillery
1st United States Artillery, Battery I from 2nd Div.
4th United States Artillery, Batteries A&C from 1st Div.