Confederate States Army

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Commanded by General Robert E. Lee

First Corps Lieutenant General James Longstreet
Anderson’s Division Major General Richard H. Anderson  
Hood’s Division Brigadier General John B. Hood (Maj. Gen. 11/16)  
McLaws’ Division Major General Lafayette McLaws  
Pickett’s Division Brigadier General George Pickett (Maj. Gen. 11/6)  
Ransom/Walker’s Division Brigadier General John G. Walker (to 11/11)
Brigadier General Robert Ransom
Evan’s Independent Brigade Brigadier General Nathan G. Evans to North Carolina Nov. 6-7
Artillery Reserve Colonel James B. Walton  
Second Corps Lieutenant General Thomas J. Jackson  
Ewell’s Division Brigadier General Jubal Early  
A. P. Hill’s Division Major General Ambrose Powell Hill  
D.H. Hill’s Division Major General Daniel Harvey Hill  
Jackson’s Division Major General W. B. Talliaferro  
Artillery Reserve Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield  
Cavalry Division Major General James E. B. Stuart  
Hampton’s Brigade Brigadier General Wade Hampton  
F. Lee’s Brigade Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee  
W.H.F. Lee’s Brigade Brigadier General W.H.F. Lee  
Jones’ Brigade Brigadier General William E. Jones  
Stuart Horse Artillery Captain John Pelham  
Artillery Reserve Brigadier General William N. Pendleton
First Virginia Artillery Battalion Colonel J. Thompson Brown  
Nelson’s Artillery Battalion Major William Nelson  
Richardson’s Artillery Battalion Major Charles Richardson  
Sumter Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Allen S. Cutts