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Commanded by Major General John F. Reynolds 

Headquarters Escort
2nd New York Cavalry, Companies A, B, I & K Captain John E. Naylor
First Division Major General Abner Doubleday (to 12/22)
Brigadier General G. Paul (12/22 – 12/27)
Brigadier General John S. Wadsworth (after 12/27)
1st Brigade Colonel Walter Phelps, Jr.
2nd Brigade Colonel J. Gavin (to 12/22)
Brig. Gen. Abner Doubleday (12/22 – 12/28)
Colonel G. Biddle (after 12/28)
3rd Brigade Brig. Gen. Gabriel B. Paul
4th Brigade Brig. Gen. Solomon Meredith (to 12/13)
Colonel William W. Robinson
Second Division Brigadier General John Gibbon (w 12/13)
Brigadier General N. Taylor (12/13 – 12/30)
Brigadier General John C. Robinson
1st Brigade Colonel A. R. Root
2nd Brigade Colonel Peter Lyle
3rd Brigade Brigadier General N. Taylor (except 12/13-12/30)
Colonel S.H. Leonard (12/13 – 12/30)
Third Division Brigadier General G. Meade (to 12/25)
Colonel H.G. Sickel
1st Brigade Colonel W. Sinclair (to 12/13)
Colonel W. McCandless (after 12/13)
2nd Brigade Colonel A. L. Magilton (until 12/27)
Colonel R. P. Cummings
3rd Brigade Brig. Gen. Conrad F. Jackson (k 12/13)
Colonel J. W. Fisher (12/13 – 12/30)
Colonel M. D. Hardin