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Commanded by Brigadier General John F. Reynolds

Headquarters Escort
2nd New York Cavalry, Companies A, B, I & K Captain John E. Naylor
First Division Brigadier General Abner Doubleday
1st Brigade Colonel Walter Phelps, Jr.
2nd Brigade Colonel J. W. Hoffman
3rd Brigade Brig. Gen. Marsena Patrick (to 10/6)
Colonel W. F. Rogers (10/6 – 10/14)
Brig. Gen. Gabriel B. Paul
4th Brigade Brig. Gen. John Gibbon
Second Division Brigadier General Nelson Taylor
1st Brigade Brig. Gen. Abram Duryea (to 10/5)
Colonel T. F. McCoy
2nd Brigade Colonel Peter Lyle
3rd Brigade Colonel R. Coulter
Third Division Brigadier General G. Meade 
1st Brigade Brig. Gen. Truman Seymour
2nd Brigade Colonel A. L. Magilton
3rd Brigade Colonel J. W. Fisher (to 10/2)
Brig. Gen. Conrad F. Jackson