Confederate States Army

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Commanded by General Robert E. Lee

Lee brought three more infantry divisions up from Richmond, distributing them between his two top lieutenants, Longstreet and Jackson, creating two army corps in all but name. He also reorganized the artillery, breaking up the army artillery reserve and distributing it at division and corps level.

The Maryland Campaign culminated in the Battle of Sharpsburg, or Antietam, on September 17. The Army’s heavy casualties included three brigadier generals killed or mortally wounded. Lee escaped across the Potomac to Virginia, and immediately attempted to reorganize the army to recross the river and renew the contest with McClellan. But McClellan’s abortive attempt at pursuit showed Lee how badly depleted his army was, and he withdrew up the Shenandoah Valley to rest and refit.

Longstreet’s Command Major General James Longstreet
Anderson’s Division Major General Richard H. Anderson (w 9/17)
Brigadier General Roger Pryor
Hood’s (Whiting’s) Division Brigadier General John B. Hood
Jones’ Division Brigadier General David R. Jones
McLaws’ Division Major General Lafayette McLaws from the Peninsula
Walker’s Division Brigadier General John G. Walker from Richmond
Evan’s Independent Brigade Brigadier General Nathan G. Evans
Artillery Reserve Colonel James B. Walton
Jackson’s Command Major General Thomas J. Jackson
Ewell’s Division Brigadier General Alexander R. Lawton (w 9/17)
Brigadier General Jubal Early
A. P. Hill’s Division Major General Ambrose Powell Hill
D.H. Hill’s Division Major General Daniel Harvey Hill from Richmond
Jackson’s Division Brigadier General John R. Jones (w 9/17)
Brigadier General W.E. Starke (k 9/17)
Colonel Arnold J. Grigsby
Artillery Reserve Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield
Cavalry Division Major General James E. B. Stuart
Hampton’s Brigade Brigadier General Wade Hampton from Richmond
Lee’s Brigade Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee
Robertson’s Brigade Brigadier General Beverly Robertson (to 9/5)
Colonel Thomas T. Munford
Robertson trans.  to North Carolina 9/5
Stuart Horse Artillery Captain John Pelham