Confederate States Army * Army of Northern Virginia

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Commanded by Lieutenant General Richard Anderson

Field’s Division Major General Charles W. Field  
Anderson’s Brigade Brigadier General George T. Anderson  
Benning’s Brigade Colonel Dudley M. DuBose  
Bratton’s Brigade Brigadier General John Bratton  
Gregg’s Brigade Brigadier General John Gregg  
Law’s Brigade Colonel William F. Perry  
Kershaw’s’ Division Major General Joseph B. Kershaw  
Bryan’s Brigade Colonel James P. Simms  
Humphreys’ Brigade Brigadier General Benjamin G. Humphreys  
Kershaw’s Brigade Colonel John W. Henagan  
Wofford’s Brigade Brigadier General William T. Wofford  
Pickett’s Division Major General George E. Pickett  
Course’s Brigade Brigadier General Montgomery Course  
Steuart’s (Barton’s) Brigade Brigadier General George H. Steuart  
Hunton’s Brigade Brigadier General Eppa Hunton  
Terry’s (Kemper’s) Brigade Brigadier General William R. Terry  
Corps Artillery Lieutenant Colonel Edward Porter Alexander  
Cabell’s Artillery Battalion Colonel Henry C. Cabell  
Pulaski (GA) Artillery Lieutenant Morgan Calloway  
Troup (GA) Battery Captain Henry Hull Carlton  
Company A, 1st North Carolina Artillery Captain Basil Manley  
1st Richmond (VA) Howitzers Captain Edward McCarthy  
Hardaway’s Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Hardaway  
Powhattan (Va.) Artillery Captain Willis J. Dance  
Rockbridge (VA) Artillery Captain Archibald Graham  
3rd Richmond (VA) Howitzers Captain B.H. Smith  
Salem (VA) Artillery Captain Charles B. Griffin  
Haskell’s Artillery Battalion Major John Haskell  
Co. F, 13th North Carolina Artillery Captain Henry G. Flanner  
Company D, 1st North Carolina Artillery Captain John Ramsay  
Palmetto (SC) Artillery Captain Hugh Garden  
Amherst-Nelson (VA) Artillery Captain Woodville Latham  
Huger’s Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Frank Huger  
Madison (LA) Light Artillery Captain Thomas J. Richards
Lieutenant J.C. Parkinson
Brooks (SC) Artillery Captain William W. Fickling  
Ashland (VA) Battery Captain Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.  
Bath (VA) Battery Captain Osmond B. Taylor  
Bedford (VA) Artillery Captain Tyler C. Jordan  
Richmond (VA) Parker Artillery Captain William W. Parker  
King’s Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel J. Floyd King  
Danville Ringgold (VA) Artillery Captain Crispin Dickenson  
Stark’s Artillery Battalion Colonel A.W. Stark  
Giles (VA) Artillery Captain David A. French  
Louisiana Guard Artillery Captain Charles A. Green  
Mathews (VA) Artillery Captain Andrew D. Armistead