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Commanded by Major General Winfield S. Hancock

First Division Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles
1st Brigade Colonel J.C. Lynch
Consolidated Brigade Lieutenant Colonel W. Wilson (to 9/12)
Colonel J. E. McGee
4th Brigade Lieutenant Colonel William Glenny
Second Division Major General John Gibbon (to 9/4)
Brigadier General T. W. Egan (to 9/25)
Major General John Gibbon
1st Brigade Brigadier General Thomas W. Egan (^9/4)
Lieutenant Colonel H. P. Rugg (to 9/25)
Brigadier General Thomas W. Egan
2nd Brigade Colonel M. Murphy
3rd Brigade Colonel S. A. Moore (to 8/14)
Lieutenant Colonel F. E. Pierce (to 8/23)
Brigadier General T. A. Smythe (^ 7/31)
Third Division Brigadier General Gershom Mott 
1st Brigade Brigadier General Regis DeTrobriand
2nd Brigade Brigadier General Byron R. Pierce
3rd Brigade Colonel Robert McAllister
Artillery Brigade Colonel John C. Tidball 
6th Maine Indpendent Battery Captain Edwin B. Dow
10th Massachusetts Battery Captain J. Henry Sleeper
1st New Hampshire Battery Captain Frederick M. Edgell
1st New Jersey Artillery, Battery B
1st New York Artillery, Battery G Captain Nelson Ames
4th New York Heavy Artillery, Co. C from Army Artilery Reserve
4th New York Heavy Artillery, Co. I
11th New York Independent Battery
12th New York Independent Battery
1st Pennsylvania Artillery, Battery F Captain Bruce Ricketts to Army Artillery Reserve
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery A Captain William A. Arnold consolidated with Battery B (below)
1st Rhode Island Artillery, Battery B Lieutenant Fred T. Brown
4th United States Artillery, Battery K Lieutenant John W. Roder
5th United States Artillery, Batteries C&K Lieutenant James Gilliss