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Commanded by:
Brigadier General James Wadsworth (mw 5/6)
Brigadier General Lysander Cutler

First Brigade (“Iron Brigade”) Brigadier General Lysander Cutler (^ 5/6)
Colonel William W. Robinson
7th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Ira G. Grover
19th Indiana Infantry Regiment Colonel Samuel J. Williams (k 5/6)
24th Michigan Infantry Regiment Colonel Henry A. Morrow
1st New York Sharpshooter Battalion Captain Volney J. Shipman
2nd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel William W. Robinson (^ 5/6)
6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward Bragg
7th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment Major Mark Finnicum
Second Brigade Brigadier General J. C. Rice (k 5/10)
Colonel J. W. Hoffman
3rd Delaware Infantry
14th New York State Militia (84th N.Y.) Colonel Edward B. Fowler left for Brooklyn to muster out 5/6
46th New York Infantry Regiment from 9 Corps, 1 Div., 2 Brig.
76th New York Infantry Regiment Loeutenant Colonel John E. Cook
95th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Edward Pye
147th New York Infantry Regiment Colonel Francis C. Miller (w&c)
56th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Colonel J. W. Hoffman (^ 5/10)
First Brigade Colonel Roy Stone (to 5/6)
Colonel Edward S. Bragg
121st Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Major Alexander Biddle
142nd Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Alfred B. McCalmont
143rd Pensylvania Infantry Regiment
149th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Walton Dwight
150th Pensylvania Infantry Regiment Captain Horatio Bell