Confederate States Army

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Commanded by General Robert E. Lee

When McClellan retired to Harrison’s Landing after the final battle of the Seven Days battles (Malvern Hill, on July 1) the direct threat to Richmond was ended. Lee had a breathing space to organize the army and take steps to meet the threat posed by John Pope’s Federals advancing south from Washington.

A.P. Hill’s Division was transferred to Jackson’s Command and Whiting’s Division was attached to Longstreet’s Command. Magruder was transferred to the West and his command split up. Longstreet’s Division was split up between Kemper and Wilcox so that Longstreet could be put in command of five divisions as senior officer. The army corps and the rank of lieutenant general did not yet exist in the Confederate army.

Longstreet’s Command

Major General James Longstreet
A. P. Hill’s Division Major General Ambrose Powell Hill to Jackson’s Command (below) 7/27
D.H. Hill’s Division Major General Daniel Harvey Hill detached as independent command
Huger’s/Anderson’s Division Major General Benjamin Huger (to 7/12)
Major General Richard H. Anderson
Jones’s Division Brigadier General David R. Jones from Magruder’s Command
Kemper’s Division Brigadier General James Kemper from Longstreet’s Division
Longstreet’s Division Brigadier General Richard H. Anderson split into Kemper’s and Wilcox’s Divisions
Whiting’s Division Brigadier General W.H.C. Whiting (to 7/26)
Brigadier General John B. Hood
from Jackson’s Command (below)
Wilcox’s Division Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox from Longstreet’s Division

Jackson’s Command

Major General Thomas J. Jackson
Ewell’s Division Major General Richard S. Ewell
A. P. Hill’s Division Major General Ambrose Powell Hill from Longstreet’s command 7/27 (above)
Jackson’s Division Major General Thomas J. Jackson
Whiting’s Division Brigadier General W.H.C. Whiting (to 7/26) 7/13 to Longstreet’s Command (above)

Magruder’s Command

Major General John B. Magruder (rel. 7/3)
Jones’s Division Brigadier General David R. Jones to Longstreet’s Command (above)
Magruder’s Division Brigadier General Howell Cobb to McLaws’ Division 7/3
McLaws’ Division Major General Lafayette McLaws to unassigned

Holmes’ Division

Major General Theophilus H. Holmes
First Brigade Colonel Junius Daniel
Second Brigade Brigadier General John George Walker
Wise’s Command Brigadier General Henry A. Wise

Cavalry Division

Major General James E. B. Stuart from 7/22
Hampton’s Brigade Brigadier General Wade Hampton
Lee’s Brigade Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee

Artillery Reserve

Brigadier General William N. Pendleton
First Virginia Artillery Battalion Colonel J. Thompson Brown
Henrico (Va.) Battery Captain David Watson from Toombs’ Brig., Magruder’s Div.
2nd Richmond (Va.) Howitzers Captain David Watson
3rd Richmond (Va.) Howitzers Captain Edgar F Moseley
Rockbridge (Va.) Artillery Captain William T. Poague
Powhattan (Va.) Artillery Captain Willis J. Dance
Salem (Va.) Flying Artillery Captain Abraham Hupp
Williamsburg (Va.) Artillery Captain John A. Coke
Jones’ Artillery Battalion   Major Hilary Jones 
Goochland Turner (Va.) Artillery Captain Thomas J. Kirkpatrick
Long Island (Va.) Artillery Captain Abram Wimbish
Morris Artillery Captain Richard C.M. Page
Richmond Orange (Va.) Artillery Captain Thomas Jefferson Peyton
Nelson’s Artillery Battalion   Major William Nelson 
Amherst (Va.) Artillery Captain Thomas J. Kirkpatrick
1st Fluvanna (Va.) Artillery Captain Charles T. Huckstep
2nd Fluvanna (Va.) Artillery Captain John J. Ancell
Morris Artillery Captain Richard C.M. Page
Richardson’s Artillery Battalion Major Charles Richardson
Milledge’s Regular (Ga.) Battery Captain John Milledge
Masters’ (Va.) Siege Battery Captain L. Masters
Sumter Artillery Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Allen S. Cutts
Company A Captain Hugh M. Ross
Company B Captain John V. Price
Company C Captain John Lane
Company D Captain James A. Blackshear
Dabney’s (Va.) Battery Captain W.J. Dabney

* Huger was relieved and assigned to Inspector of Artillery and Ordinance. Officially relieved on July 12, he stayed on with his troops until July 21
** Whiting went on sick leave on July 26